「Pages feat. Xin」を6月1日(水)にEPから先行配信&MV公開も決定し、ティザー映像を公開!

LodiLodi’s First Song From 1st EP “Pages feat. Xin” To Start Streaming June 1st With Music Video!

6月1日(水)にはEPから「Pages feat. Xin」の配信&MV公開も決定!

「Pages feat. Xin」はBleecker ChromeのメンバーであるXinとのコラボレーション楽曲。MVも同日に公開予定となる!


LodiLodi’s first song from his upcoming EP “Who Knows?” is releasing on streaming platforms on June 1st. This song is a collaboration with Xin, who is also a member of the rap unit Bleecker Chrome.

Check out the teaser below for the Music Video, also releasing on June 1st.


Music Video Teaser

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